At Matt's Local Pharmacy we believe in one-on-one care and working with our customers to find the most effective, least invasive and most cost-effective treatment possible. 

    Our shelves are stocked with natural, environmentally-friendly products, mostly locally sourced, to ensure you have a wide selection of healthy choices to choose from. 

    Most of all, we're local and can relate to the busy needs of the people who sail, fish, surf and enjoy all the sunsets our island has to offer. We can relate because those are the things we enjoy as well. 


Can't come to us? We'll come to you. Best thing is we know where behind Gary's Handy Lunch is, how to get to Waite's Wharf and where Salas used to be. Let us know where you are and if we'll need off-island tires.

We work closely with local physicians to ensure the best course of medical treatment. We accept most forms of insurance and will work with you to find the most effective and least costly solution. 

Call today for a free consultation.

Your body will feel fresh and renewed with our large selection of local creams, lotions, essential oils and all-natural soaps. We have everything to transform your daily routine into a luxurious and healthy experience. 

Every day can be a spa day with our healthy care products.

Be kind to yourself and to nature with our large selection of environmentally-friendly cleaners and home products. All designed to be safe for use without worry about the harmful chemicals that can pose a danger to children and pets.

We also have a large number of all-natural children's products specially formulated for baby's gentle skin.


Come see our shelves featuring the best local products for a healthy lifestyle. Essential oils, soaps, chapsticks and more are on hand to make sure you and your body receive nothing but the best. 



We're easy to find, located directly across from Shaws on East Main in Middletown, Rhode Island. Our convenient location has ample parking in back and handicap access as well. 

You'll be happy to find a wide variety of healthy-alternative products, environmentally conscious cleaners, and a wide variety of healthy baby soaps and shampoos. If you haven't had a chance to try our seaweed-based products you'll be amazed. 

 Please stop by and discover a healthier choice!


 88 East Main Rd 

Middletown, RI 02842

Phone: 401-619-5020


We are located across from Shaws, Christmas Tree Store and Starbucks on East Main Road. 

Transferring your prescriptions is easy. Call today!

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